Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drupal 8 translation import

When you enable a module in your Drupal 8 site, the Interface Translation module will attempt to download and import its translation from the translation server at But the translation server only provides translations of released modules, and not for development releases. To overcome this the Local Tamper module was developed which simulated a number of Drupal 7 modules (for which translations are available) and the Interface Translation module will downloads and imports these translations.
  1. Make sure you have Interface Translation and Language translation enabled and have added at least one non-English language. But if you have successfully followed the steps above, this has already been provided.
  2. Download the Locale Tamper module from
  3. Unpack and install the module.
  4. Enable the Locale Tamper module.
  5. It will now attempt to find and download Locale Tamper translations (but none will be found).
  6. Go to the Available translation updates page (admin/reports/translations).
  7. Click 'Check manually' to refresh the translation status.
  8. The status will now show that a number of translation are available for the mocked modules: Better Formats, CKEditor Link, Compact Forms, Context, Chaos tools and Delta API.
  9. Click 'Update translations' to download and import the translations.
  10. This will start the download and import of a number of translations. Again a batch process runs to per form this. Again, this should progress until finished.

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