Monday, December 24, 2012

Auto-Generate Your Mobile Drupal App Using PhoneGap

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create your mobile app completely in Drupal? If with the click of a button you could export the mobile site as .html files that you can bundle in your app? Meet: Drupal Mobile App Generator This module allows you to create cached pages of a predefined menu and with that to export your mobile site to your app. You can then use phonegap to build a native implementation of it. This session will outline the steps to build a simple mobile site and then create a mobile app out of that. 1. First we create a menu structure. 2. Then we create some pages. 3. Add a nice mobile theme. 4. Click on a button. And out comes our mobile app. This session will show what is needed to be able to auto-generate mobile apps easily and swiftly. It'll be a beginner level session, which shows all steps from configuring the information in Drupal to creating the app and testing it in the iPhone simulator. It is a practical and live session.

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