Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drupal 7 Core settings - screenshots

Drupal 7 Content Administration
Drupal 7 Comments Administration
 Content types
Menus Administration and configuration
Appearance - Drupal 7 default Themes and settings
Theme settings

Bartik Theme Blocks/Regions preview

User / People Administration
People Permissions
Drupal Modules Administration
Drupal 7 website configuration
People/User settings
  IP addresses list and blocked list
Input text formats and HTML tags
Public , private, file system and temporally files for Drupal media
Different image styles for picture
GD toolkit for JPEG compression and picture quality.
Search ,meta data and Indexing settings for Drupal Core - Drupal Search core module
URL paths and aliases
Clean URL's in Drupal 7
Regional and time settings
Site default informations and Home page, error pages
Cron settings
Performance and Cache settings
Error messages, logs
Rss feed
Websites parameters
Drupal Core and Module versions and updates
List of all Field in Drupal Website
Help for all installed modules in you site

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